Talash tells the story of three close friends – Saleem, Tania and Khurrum – who have recently graduated as medical doctors and are instructed to setting up a medical camp in rural Tharparkar to aware people about the sever global problem of Malnutrition and Stunted Growth. When Khurrum leaves for his village and promises to return in five days, concern grows when days turn to months. Tania, takes this opportunity beginning search (or ‘talash’) for Khurram who lives in a village of rural Sindh, while deep down inside, Tania battles with her feelings for Khurrum, unaware Saleem has feelings for her as well. During their route to destination they had been distracted by a landlord Yousuf and they reach to another place where they felt that the problem of Child Mortality, Malnutrition and Stunted Growth are severely present and taking it as a cause they put up a Medical Camp there instead of Tharparkar. There they are opposed by strong opponents, myths, rituals and a lot more. They are supported by another Landlord Sardar Akmal for the awareness and screening camp of Malnutrition and Stunted Growth. While doing their professional duties they Tania came across with Khurram who left her 05 months back. His back story unfolds more sensitive chapters of the topic and together all friends combine and took the National Cause above the feelings they have for each other.

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